Diversity In Scope Of Services

The comprehensive services provided in-house include:

• marketing

• advertising

• graphic design

• interior design

• corporate image

• consultancy

• copywriting

• translation

• illustration

• photography

• product design

• corporate identity design

• web page design

• public relations

• event and function management


Diversity In Set-Up

We employ advanced technology in our work — comprehensive set-up with fully computerised systems, a broad range of equipment and softwares.


Diversity Of Our Team

A team of professionally trained staff with wide range of expertise and solid experience in the field, which strengthens our means to meet the needs of the market.


Diversity Of Client Base

1A serves a great variety of organisations:

• Commercial sector in different industry

• Private sector

• Government departments

• Social organisations

• Non-profit making organisations

• Community

• Churches

• Overseas corporations


Multi-Cultural Diversity

Not only do we make direct contribution to multicultural Australia, we also advise and support other multicultural advertising agencies. We have played an important role and is the backbone of their business.


Diversity In Locality

Nationally -  We serve clients from different states and help them market their products and services nationally.

Internationally -  Our business activity extends overseas to Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, USA, Canada, UK. and etc


Diversity In Our Contribution To Multicultural Australia Community

We sponsor, donate, involve, raise the effectiveness, help to raise fund, lift up the image and help countless Australians and ethnic organisations with their campaigns in the past years.

 They include Government departments, social organisations, non-profit making organisations, special aid projects such as NSW Quit Campaign, EAC 1995 Global Cultural Diversity, NSW Clustering Service, the NSW Health Department, Camperdown Children Hospital, Australian Chinese Community Association, Australian Chinese Medical Association, CanRevive, Australian Chinese Charity Foundation, Hong Kong-Australian Business Association, Lions Club,  South West Colorectal Cancer Research, China Vision, Bush Fire Relieve, Sea Scouts etc,


Benefit Australia’s Diversity

We help local Chinese to market their products and services to the mainstream and other Asian markets and vice versa.

We help Australian corporations to expand their markets to overseas and thus generate foreign earnings for Australia;

We also help overseas companies to recruit staff from Australia and therefore indirectly reducing unemployment rate in Australia.

With our involvement in the society, we help new migrants to settle in Australia and assimilate into the mainstream society.

We have set an example that migrants can still succeed in a new country, and thus encourage them to develop their confidence in the future of Australia.


Future Professional Diversity

We prvide

• opportunities and training grounds for the young generations and professionals to advance their careers

• on the job training in a friendly environment

• opportunities to Uni , TAFE and high school students to gain work experience

• practical tutoring to university classes

• judge and comment entries to exhibitions and competitions

• lectures, conferences, seminars to overseas professionals to visit Australia

• our staff with training to be more professional in the field

• expertise, new technology and experience exchange with overseas professionals