Our Involvement Language and Cultural skills- Domestic and International

Our professionalism in creativity, originality, the Asian languages, techniques, innovation, use of advance technology all in one. It is unmatched by other companies in Australia or even overseas.


As you can see from references written by various organisations, 1A is no doubt the best in Chinese language communication and in visual communication in Australia. Even the mass media seek our assistance in many aspects such as marketing and promotion, production and so on. (eg the Australian Chinese Daily, the Independence Daily, The Australian Chinese Radio (2ac), The Variety Magazine among the others.)


Even from a distance, our clients still come to us to seek for international professional standard.


Innovative Multicultural Techniques in Mass Media Context


Applying the most advanced technology from western invention, 1A is the first company to use a fully computerised system in the production of promotional materials in Chinese in Australia.

We are also the first company to use imagesetter to output bromides and films in-house to the Chinese media.


1A invented a new way of making use of the Western computer technology to cater for our jobs in Australia in the Chinese language at a time when Chinese softwares were still immature with no technical support available here. We have made breakthroughs by creating the Chinese font sets, modifying and writing softwares, seeking solutions and technical supports ourselves.

We also help people in Hong Kong solve their technical problems with Chinese softwares and provide them the consultancy.


We give consultancy and technical supports to the Chinese media in the use of technology in order to help them improve the quality and standard for their work. We even give support to the computer softwares retailers.


1A, continues to seek innovation and improvement for itself. We combine the best of traditional culture, professional skills, innovation, with latest technology in our work to serve Australia’s multicultural market.


We lead the way in changing the face of traditional multicultural promotions. In the beginning, more often people only incorporated English materials into Asian marketing, ie direct translation from English materials. We always insist on originality and unique concept to suit the culture and to cater for the unique ethnic market.

In 1996 working together with Aus.Net and Hintful Centre, we created the first Chinese Internet Web Site in Australia for Australian and overseas corporations to market their products and services on the World Wide web in both Chinese and English.

We have worked on a lot of “THE FIRSTS” project during the years, eg The first Cantonese Quickphone for Advance Bank, the first auto foreign currency exchange teller machine for Citibank, the first Chinese pay TV - New World TV and the first bi-channel Chinese radio station etc......