Our Business Marketing Research :

We position ourselves primarily in the Chinese market promotion, with sub-market in Asian markets

 The market situations are:

 • The end market is still growing due to recent waves of
    migration from Asia, especially mainland China.

 • It is a potential market due to the inherent strong
   purchasing power & high disposable income

 • The end market is easy to reach and communicate with

 • Lacking in real professionals in the field

Our Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy is QUALITY, EXPERIENCE and PROFESSIONALLY-ORIENTED. That’s why our works come from : referrals, words of mouth, by outstanding work presentation, by result.

Our proven success help us retain and reinforce clients’ confidence.

Our Diversification in Human Resources, Cultural Knowledge, Language and Professional Skills

1A has an experienced team of professionals with proven academic qualifications and solid experience in marketing, advertising and mass communications, creative, production, photography, public relations, translation, copywriting, media planning and so on. Everyone in the team speaks and understands at least two languages, travels extensively and has lived / worked in at lease 3 countries.  We have a strong team spirit in a pleasant environment.

Depending on the nature of project, we have individual, small team and concerted group efforts in-house to manage our jobs. We sub-contract, do cross references, counter check or consult specialists when necessary and with support from our Hong Kong office for information update, reference, materials sourcing and production back up.

We have an in-house library stacked with reference materials about cultures, languages, design, advance technology and so on to provide resources for our jobs and for other people’s reference.




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