Our Marketing

Major market :

Australian organisations targeting Chinese market

Chinese organisations targeting Chinese market

Chinese organisations targeting Australia market

Mainstream & multicultural advertising agencies targeting Chinese and Asian markets

Sub market :

Organisations targeting Asian market

 Australian organisations targeting overseas markets

Overseas organisations targeting Australia market

Australian organisations targeting Australia market

Overseas organisations targeting overseas markets


Major languages used :

Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian and Korean.

Breaking from Traditional Marketing - a Wider Market :


We export our expertise to overseas, helping overseas companies to establish new markets and market their products and services domestically and to overseas countries.

OZ to OS

We assist Australian companies to market their products overseas

Gain works back OZ

Our existence in the market place minimises the need of advertising agencies to send jobs overseas for research, consultancy, creative and production. Not only can we retain the job opportunities in Australia, we also make the communication to their target markets more effective. The professionals in the Asian countries may not be able to understand the multicultural market mix in Australia. (In short it cost more, was time consuming and was ineffective to contract work overseas.)


We help local advertising agencies to expand their markets by providing them with consultancy, research, strategy, presentation, creative, copy writing, artwork, translation and also media & public relations etc.




Hong Kong - Australia Business Association